Your Cosmic Whisper

orion_nebula_hearthfire_1600-1200Let’s shuffle the cards and listen to the universe through the riffle of cardboard, see inside the quantum black box its vibrating messages in the lines and color of each card and the strings of story they weave.

We humans have all sorts of things in common, including symbolism for everything that’s important to us here on Earth: priestesses and popes, magicians and fools, masters and apprentices, kings and paupers, death and rebirth. And in the larger universe beyond the Earth, we are fascinated by the sun, the moon, the stars, their deaths and rebirths in an infinite cycle as the universe expands.

For Folks Looking for Readings

It’s all energy, denser or lighter, and we can feel it, and see it in the sym3-card_wiz_empr_moonbols on these little pieces of cardboard. I love all the artistically infinite expressions of Tarot, but I have my favorites (see my fav decks list). Let’s explore their symbolism and see what questions can be answered at least until we change our minds. 😉 I think they communicate to us through the quantum “ether.” But however it works, it does seem to work, so if you’d like a reading on your own situation, check out my readings page and let me know when we can get together via email or Skype, or even in person (if you live in South Texas, USA).

For Fellow Readers

Abell399-401_golden_gas_bridge_galaxies_400If you’re a fellow Tarot reader in particular, or just have an interest in things Tarot, you can check out my weekly missives on Tarot and other oracles in the blog or check out my tarot deck in progress here.

If you have any questions about making your way through my little Tarot cosmos, just contact me!