Creating Your Readings Space


I was going over some blog posts from other wonderful folks that I’d been saving in my reading list, and came upon a lovely post from Joy Vernon’s Completely Joyous blog on how she sets up the environment for her face-to-face readings. I now realize why I saved it, too. She has a lovely cloth, […]

Quantum Leap or Quantum Creep?

Quantum Universe

As I was reading through the equinox Tarot blog hop over this past week, I noticed an interesting pattern. The blog hop wrangler, Morgan Drake Eckstein, had asked us all to relate stories about major changes in the way we saw Tarot over the years. I had my own shift, which I related here, but […]

A Cosmic Shift—Mabon Tarot Blog Hop

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PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG Welcome to the latest Tarot blog hop. If you’ve come from Karen Sealey’s most excellent and voluble and often very funny blog, welcome! If you’ve come from Louisa’s Priestess Tarot blog in the other direction, welcome also! Head off in whichever direction you haven’t gone when you’re done perusing a few words […]

Good vs. Bad Cards—A Riff Off of Little Red


Riffing off of Little Red’s post on the good-and-bad-card thing (her post is here). …And then there’s the position issue in a spread. I had a reading recently which was very complicated, indeed, because I got a really “positive” card in an “obstacle” position (Ace of Wands) and vice versa (Two of Swords as an opportunity). Made […]